:: Eolas Interactive Knowledge

Eolas Interactive Knowledge has been creating multimedia learning application for students in a variety of fields of study for over ten years. To increase their appeal to publishers and users alike, they requested a redesign of their successful Microbes in Motion and Virtual Labs programs.

Creating a an appealing interface and application that maintained the integrity of the content, while allowing for the best possible means for learning and information management.

Each design required an updated interface and presentation that would appeal to the newest set of learners as interesting and accessible, while remaining reminiscent of design and styles that they were becoming or already were familar with online and elsewhere. Each design was created with the intention of remaining dynamic for online and updated delivery with multiple levels of information being organized into small chunks for each seperate portion of the presentation (a technique already being used in previous editions). The designs also took advantage of features and techniques in Flash that had been until then previously unexplored by Eolas.

The series were both recently consolidated into one project upon approval by the publisher and authors, and will become a work in progress for the coming months. I will keep this section updated with the upcoming series!

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