:: Hitched Magazine

Envisioned by James Dickson and partnered with the Oxford Underground, Hitched magazine serves a vastly under represented lifestyle market that is rapidly growing as a key demographic. To help express this concept to potential investors and advertisers, as well as to visualize the format and style of it's presentation, a concept cover was needed.

How to create a magazine cover that is itself a unique representation of it's content, yet remains based in accepted trends, while competing against the extraordinary bias of other 'men's magazines'. The look should remind men not of marriage, but maturity and the good life, 'Like a mahogany cigar room with leather chairs and brass fixtures' according to James.

To overcome the initial bias of magazine readers from a men's magazine not geared towards the typical male market trends, while remaining masculine in it's look and feel, required the incorporation of strong imagery, a bold masthead and an appealing yet memorable representation of the intended audience.

The initial concept used imagery featuring men who were classy and modern, while remaining relative to the readers. The masthead, with the tongue in cheek moniker 'Hitched', was bold, and well defined, while also remaining modern and masculine.

Although still in production, the cover concept immediately removed most preconceived notions of a men's magazine of this nature, allowing James the opportunity to fast-track the the magazine's potential popularity and feasability to interested advertisers and investors, and forego lengthy explanations of it's desired result.

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