:: Mel Lastman and the West Nile Epidemic

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Following my involvement as a student advocate and leader in the politics of Ontario and Canada, I found myself developing a voice and opinion of the circumstances and scenarios surrounding the everyday life as a citizen of this province and country. These cartoons were developed to reflect some of my opinions, lightheartedly, as they related to daily occurence in political arena.

Each cartoon had to embody my view of the subject and communicate that view to the viewers. Hopefully they laughed.

Using reference from both print and digital media, along with ongoing attention to current events as they related to my subject matter, I developed a scenario that would best describe the message for each story to the viewer upon first glance.

To date, many of these cartoons, although not entirely relevant to current events or news, still embodied the situation as it was presented during their development. Many laughs, much good feedback. Good times. Terry Mosher (Aislin) actually responded to me! Tthat was unfortunately all I received. Persistence, however, is not a concept foreign to me, so I will continue to create and submit. Create and submit.

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