:: Another case of Illegal Corking

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The North Halton Compass, based in Milton, Ontario, determined that a voice was necessary to reach their readership that would convey the subject and opinion of their paper in a concise and accessible format.

Create monthly cartoons that related to ongoing events in and around the Milton community that involved and portrayed local community members and the circumstances they were involved in, as it related to the perspective of the newspaper's editorial staff.

With consistent involvement from the Editor of the North Halton Compass, I developed a monthly cartoon that reflected the subjects and their circumstances in a humourous, and ideally relevant, manner.

Many good responses, many mixed, even some bad. People will hold their opinions in opposition as much as they will in agreement, as I've learned. The good news is, the Mayor of Milton enjoyed his caricature, and another subject sought the original for their cartoon for purchase. Thanks for understanding!

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