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With the various positions that I've held in the past that related not to art but other matters of my career, I've been known to 'doodle' at wildly inappropriate times, such as meetings and the like. Never the less, the single most frequent reation to this discovery is more often that not, "can you draw me?".
Yes. Yes I can.

To develop a unique likeness of the subject that expresses their personality and perception to the viewer as simply and effectively as possible (while avoiding potenially falling prey to items and epithets being hurled by said subject upon the final reveal).

I used to draw only people I knew well, whom I'd seen talk, behave and act in their most natural manners, since these people provided me with the best perception of who they were in my mind's eye, and not from recognizable facial features. As time has passed however, I find myself able to capture key personality traits and physical features much faster, allowing me to draw subjects of little familiarity to a good degree of accuracy.

More often then not, my subjects, or the clients who sought the subject's likeness, are very pleased with the final result. As with any true art form however, the final product is always subjective to the viewer, as was the case of the McEvoy family portrait debacle of 1999.

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