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Sheridan Student Services is a key department in the everyday and onging success of the students at Sheridan College, providing support both academically and personally. The department had recently adopted a new identity as a part of the college's ongoing departmental branding strategy. Although their initial design, created by a former student as well, had been initially received with some enthusiasm, the following years feedback lead the department to reassess it's visual association to the traits and services they provided throughout the college.

As mentioned, the college had already undergone a significant branding program, intended to better relate the function of each department to their services while maintaining a synchronicity with the college's brand. Through the most part this involved the use of the 'tanagram', an integral aspect of the college's brand, however not all departments opted for it's integration. This was the case for the Sheridan Student Services department, as they expressed the need to remain within the college's established design format, without the use of the tanagram.

Fortunately this particualr department was directly involved with and associated to the Sheridan Student Union, a mahchevoi client, who's brand and identity had been established and marketed to students over the previous year. This association, an aspect of one of many department services, led to the similar feel as the SSU brand. Since the department's function stayed with every student from before their first day, to well beyond their graduation, the design reflected many different paths leading to and from the epicentre, representing the departments. As an additional design bonus, the shape of these paths incorporated the many shades of blue associated with the college, including their athletics office (a popular aspect of Student Services) as well as the 3 letters 'S', taken to represent the acronym of the department itself.

Widely well received by the department and it's staff, as well as the college in total, the logo was immediately placed into service for the orientation program that semester. With a number of formats designed for high-resolution and low-resolution usage, along with colour and black and white versions, the logo will see a long life with the department

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