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Sheridan Student Union had been involved at Sheridan College for almost 20 years, achieving a level of sophistication that rivals some small corporations. Understanding their responsibility to communicate with their constituents through marketing and branding, and having no sound strategy or plan set into their current organization, the SSU and SSUI sought to create a brand and identity system that helped them retain consistency and familiarity to the stakeholders of the college community.

One of the key challenges facing many student organizations in the post-secondary environment is apathy. The key to this project wasn't just to establish a logo, but to help create a brand that would attract the interest and involvement of the student body, and allow the SSU to build a brand reputation that could achieve greater results in future projects.

As circumstances began, the SSU had, through a chain of previous governing members, recently adopted a new logo in an early attempt at resolving their current situation and attracting new interest. Instead of trying to redesign a corporate look and brand, it was decided that the new logo, for practical and technical reasons, would have to do, despite some minor modifications. Instead, the extent of the energy in this project was spent creating consistency and professionalism, both in the brand's application and in it's message. A corporate identity package was developed, along with a flexible array of logo formats, to establish the guidelines for the brand's use, the reasoning and applications in various environments, and suggested adaptations for future use in settings not yet foreseen.

With this system in hand, the SSU and SSUI were able to create a series of branded events and awareness material that could be distributed throughout the college campuses. The brand established it's presence in the student body and allowed it to carry with it the message, vision and ideals of the SSU wherever it was applied.

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