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Strong Kiteboarding School, based in Victoria, British Columbia, needed a site design to help launch their new lessons and tour service to the local and tourist population of Vancouver Island. With a limited budget, and tight deadline, a solution was needed to help Strong Kiteboarding gain the exposure needed before the kiteboardingseason began in earnest.

Creating a high-imapct website that appealed to both the 18-30 and 30-50 year old demographics of kiteboarding; two unique and equally involved markets interested in kiteboarding, while allowing for high-content search engine optimization.

Having previously designed a branding image for Strong, the site utilized the vivid colours and imagery present with stunning photography provided in part by local Kiteboard community members. To help increase the search engine ranking, heavy seo content was included, along with numerous seo techniques, to attract and retain potential students from the island who might use Google or Yahoo to source their needs. The site includes a rotating javscript image gallery, future ready design management using CSS, and a serverside guestbook system.

The site was recieved with accolades by local kiteboarders and community members alike both online and in person. The season for kiteboarding has just recently begun now on the island, and as such we await feedback on the impact the website has had on Strong Kiteboard's success.

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