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Strong Kiteboarding had recently set up shop on Vancouver Island, BC, as the newest and best place to learn kiteboarding. However, as with any new company or organization seeking to attract clientele and attention, Strong determined that they first needed a brand and logo.

Kiteboarding is a sport that attracts participants from all ages eager to fly above the crashing surf. The challenge in this logo design was therefore two-fold. First, the logo itself had to appeal to boarders and potential boarders alike, regardless of age, requiring a professional and modern yet exciting look. Second, to differentiate themselves from the number of other kiteboard related companies on the island and along the west caost, a logo that defined Strong as an individual amongst other more generic style brands was necessary.

I addressed two aspects of the company, in the end, that really spoke the most volumes in individual recognition from the name Strong Kiteboarding. The name Strong, a great name to attach to ANY brand, and fortunately the last name of the school's owner and foudner, Dwayne Strong. As well, the idea of water, the reflections, the play of light across it as you soar above it (and Dwayne really liked blue. His eyes are blue I'm told).

I created a few concepts involving the two ideas, and ended up settling on a simple yet distinct combination of the two elements. As an added bonus, through some late night fiddling in Photoshop, I developed a secondary logo for Strong featuring a complimentary colour, Orange, giving a completely seperate and yet entirely related logo for use in various alternate applications, including as it turns out, the Stron Kiteboarding website.

Well received by both Strong and the kiteboarding community, the Strong brand is already being put to good use both online and in print.

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