:: Tango Vita

Tango Vita is one of Vitoria's premiere tango groups, offering demonstrations and particpation during frequent events throughout the year. To increase participation and showcase their unique cultural offering to the surrounding community succesfully, they required high impact display advertising.

Creating a poster that will stand out amongst a field of similar events or local events, while appealing to the target audience.

With the good fortune of receiving high quality imagery regarding the performers at each event, the designs themselves built themselves from the style and feel of the dancers. Each design held it's own theme of excitement and contemporary while offering bold colours and content to help differentiate the event advertising from the local band venues, putting it at the much more relevant level of cultural arts associations and events in and around the area.

The designs were extraordinarily well received by Tango Vita's membership and the participating community, while each event itself was a success as the organizer's had hoped it would be.

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