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Woosta is aimed at becoming one of North America's premiere artistic industry resource centers, however to do this they require a site structure that is both appealing and usable to clients and viewers alike. This project was taken on as an initial site redesign from concepts received from Woosta to help highlight key usability issues and design concerns.

To differentiate from competing services, be perceived as trend forward in their look and associating the design as adaptively as possible to the diverse marketing needs of the organization, while remaining intuitive in it's usage and dynamic for the future.

As a work in progress, the site was 'tweaked' from the designs received at the outset, first to streamline structural weaknesses that would present themselves in the transition from design to online presence. After most components and ideas were laid out into a intuititve framework, additional design concepts were introduced that offered Woosta a more cutting edge look and feel while remaining within their desired theme and styles.

The Woosta site is still in it's development stage, with more ideas and changes being realized weekly. This site redesign allowed Woosta the ability to understand the usability needs they would face when developing this site, and allowed them to visualize the content structure and interface potential they could utilize in further developement.

As an additional note, the services provided in this particular project also assoicated to the marketing and branding of the site and the company, as well as ongoing consultation in the areas of corporate strategy, site usability and branding.

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